Anatomical Society of Southern Africa
Anatomical Society of Southern Africa
Welcome to the website of the Anatomical Society of Southern Africa.
The Anatomical Society of Southern Africa (ASSA) founded in 1967, was born out of the Colloquia of the Anatomy Departments in the “old” Transvaal.Today, the Society represents anatomy departments from all tertiary institutions in Southern Africa (i.e. South AfricaMozambique and Zimbabwe); and maintains strong relations withLuandaAngolaand LusakaZambia.
The Society, through its annual meetings, website and listserver promotes excellence in research and education and has become the professional home for biomedical researchers and educators in South Africa focusing on anatomy in its broadest sense.In addition to being the primary educators of students in the medical and allied health disciplines, research by ASSA members encompass clinical anatomy, embryology and developmental biology, imaging, cell biology, genetics, histology, neuroscience, forensics, microscopy, anthropology, movement science and numerous other exciting and developing areas.Members are internationally recognized for their contributions to developing and maintaining anatomy as the spine of biomedical science. 
Membership of the Society is open to all anatomists and to others with an interest in this field.The Society welcomes all those with an interest in anatomy to attend its meetings and present the results of their scientific work or case studies.Particular support is offered to junior academic staff and students who would wish to gain experience in presentation of their work. 
The Society hosted its first International Congress in 2001,the “International Symposium of  Morphological Sciences” at Sun City.This Congress has paved the way for inclusion of the Society in the international network of Congresses. A bid for the Congress of the International Federation of Associations of Anatomists (IFAA) in 2009 has been won. This Congress will be held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC), Cape Town in August 2009.  We hope to see you there!
Written by Nalini Pather, updated by Jacqui Friedling